Job Seeker Success Stories

Ginger’s Story

Ginger is a participant in both EARN and Reboot. With a felony drug background, she was set on changing her course and used the resources available from both programs to do just that. She is working hard to give back and recently completed a Certified Recovery Specialist training to help others with substance use disorder overcome barriers and improve their lives.

Our staff speak of Ginger’s commitment, ethics, and motivation. Ginger attributes some of her success to the support she received from the team at Central PA CareerLink®:


“I am incredibly grateful for the services I have received and continue to receive from PA CareerLink®. Both the EARN and Reboot programs have helped me tremendously with getting my life back on track when I wasn’t sure which way to turn or where to even start.

In EARN I found motivation in the daily assignments. When I fully engaged myself, I had personal growth, mentally and emotionally. I even found myself looking forward to the experience. I also gained confidence with the kind words of the staff who were available to me at any point I needed their help. Their support was endless.

With participation in the Reboot program, I am well on my way to a new career that I’m passionate about. I learned of a certification and the training needed to pursue it. Upon completion of the classes I am more confident and have a level of hope that I haven’t experienced in many years.

My experience with both of these programs has helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. They’ve helped me to face my struggles and made those struggles less tedious to deal with. It was necessary for me at that point in my life to have someone guide me the right direction but let me make my own decisions and the staff did just that for me. For the first time in a long time, I can say that I’m proud of myself and it’s safe to say I wouldn’t have had the accomplishments nor the progress that I have without them.”

2023 Governor’s Award Winners

Cassie and Courtney’s Story

Twin sisters, Cassie and Courtney, were both fresh out of high school, yet neither one of them knew what career they wanted to pursue. Fortunately, before graduation, the sisters met with a YES to the Future Career Counselor who explained what the program could offer them. Upon graduation, they decided to enroll in YES together to find out what career they might enjoy. After meeting with their YES Career Counselor and completing career interest surveys, Cassie found an interest in becoming a Dental Assistant while Courtney was interested in pursuing Front Office and Administrative work. Next, they created professional resumes and worked on their interview skills with the continued help of their Career Counselor.

YES helped connect Cassie with a Paid Internship learning about the duties of a Dental Assistant at River Valley Health and Dental. Due to Cassie’s amazing work ethic and desire to learn, YES, the PA CareerLink® Business Solutions Team, and River Valley Health and Dental worked together to create an On-the-Job Training opportunity for her. She is now living her dream of being a Dental Assistant. When referring to YES to the Future, Cassie states:


“It is a great program, it helped me find a career path I never thought I’d be in a career that I enjoy!”

Before long, River Valley Health and Dental offered a Paid Internship learning about some of the duties of a Front Office Assistant to Courtney. When Courtney demonstrated how invaluable of an employee she was, River Valley Health and Dental, YES, and the PA CareerLink® Business Services Team worked together again to create an On-the-Job Training opportunity for her. Courtney is now working as a Front Office Assistant, a position that River Valley Health and Dental was unable to keep filled. Courtney shares:


“The YES program gave me a wide variety of options and opportunities with what I want to do as a career.”

Thanks to the YES to the Future program, both Cassie and Courtney received supportive services, earned money while training in their jobs, and found careers they love.

Terry’s Story

In May of 2019, 900+ employees were laid off in Central PA due to the unforeseen and immediate closure of a custom cabinetry manufacturer. Terry had been a dedicated employee for over 25 years.

He came to the PA CareerLink® Northumberland / Snyder / Union Counties to explore his career options and enrolled in Central Connections. Terry shared his priorities, his goals, and his concerns with staff. Together they laid out a plan and started digging into identification of his strengths. With Terry’s long-term experience with cabinetry and machine operations, combined with his work ethic, a list of transferrable skills was soon evident.

From there, Terry and his staff person continued to work together effectively and safely over the phone, using Zoom, and emailing. They developed a resume that highlights Terry’s skills and strengths and Terry jumped in and started applying for new jobs. Career Connections helped Terry see the value in networking which soon led to interviews. Terry received four job offers and is now happily working for another custom cabinetry manufacturer.