The PA CareerLink® team understands the importance, and recognizes the challenge, of establishing a reliable source of knowledgeable, qualified employees. If your business struggles with regular workforce shortages and recruitment efforts are seemingly endless, it’s time for you to think about building your talent pipeline. Getting your business involved in talent cultivation will help build your pool of available workforce for years to come.

Talent cultivation is a long-term process of collaboration with schools and training programs to introduce local students to the career opportunities available at your business. Over time, young people become familiar with your organization and, through experiential learning (internships, job shadowing, etc.), build the skills you seek in your employees.

Whether you are just starting to think about partnering with schools or seeking ways to expand what you are already doing, our staff is here to help.

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Path to Careers

Establishing a connection with the workforce of tomorrow is essential to the long-term success of the businesses in our region. Through experiences such as virtual or in-person industry tours, job shadows, and internships, young people gain awareness of the opportunities in their community and your business and begin to gain the skills and experience required for their future careers.

We know those connections are forged through communication between your business, and the schools and training programs in Central Pennsylvania. We also know some of you might be over-taxed with requests from schools and students, while others aren’t called on enough.

Path to Careers was created by Advance Central PA to build meaningful connections between schools, businesses, and young people in the community in efficient and effective ways.

Path to Careers:

Creates a place for you to share key information about your business targeted to young people, parents, and educators – easily upload videos, pictures, and narrative to showcase your business and your career opportunities.

Allows you to post available career experiences on your terms – you describe the experiences you’re able to offer and when.


Streamlines communication between your businesses and schools so that you can efficiently connect.

Increases student access to career exploration activities to help them identify career interests while learning about your local business and seeing the viability of a future with you.

Browse Path to Careers to learn more and register today to get connected to the workforce of tomorrow!

Our Business Solutions Team is happy to help you get started, email today at, or you can contact Advance Central PA’s local Path to Careers staff directly at; we look forward to talking with you!

Internship Opportunities

Internships are a great way to get your businesses connected to the workforce of tomorrow and begin to train future highly skilled employees.

Interns are typically students who are seeking a hands-on experience that aligns with their classroom training. Setting up an internship program allows you to bring students into short-term “learning-while-working” experiences with your business. Through internships, your business gains assistance with new or ongoing projects and access to a fresh perspective on the work you do. After completing a successful internship, it’s not uncommon for a former intern to return to the business for full-time employment after graduation.

Our PA CareerLink® staff can connect you to potential interns who are either studying in your field or are interested in your field of work and may have funding available to support their internship. If you’re just getting started in this area or seeking to expand an existing program, the Business Solutions Team is available to help support your efforts.

Email the Business Solutions Team at

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Teacher in the Workplace

Teacher in the Workplace is an opportunity to connect with school districts in an efficient, meaningful way. When businesses like yours welcome educators to learn more about talent needs, processes, and career opportunities in a Teacher in the Workplace activity, the impact is significant!

The commitment on your end ranges from hosting one or more educators for the day, or for several days. The educators on the other hand are just beginning when they leave your worksite. They return to the classroom armed with new information you’ve shared and get to work using it to revise and contextualize their curriculum as they teach the future workers of Central PA.

The Path to Careers website makes it easy for you to sign up as a Teacher in the Workplace host on your terms. Or email today and one of our friendly local staff will look forward to assisting you.

As always, your local PA CareerLink® Business Solutions Team will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have:

LIFT Central Mentor Program

Young people across the country, and right here in Central PA, are growing up without a network of supporters – people who believe in them, guide them, and share their life experiences. This is a problem while they are young and continues when they enter the workforce. To help solve this problem Advance Central PA launched LIFT, an evidenced-based mentorship program serving youth and young adults throughout our region.

You and/or your business can make an impact through mentoring. If you are interested in supporting youth in expanding their experiences, exploring their interests, and reaching their goals for the future, we encourage you to apply today. LIFT mentors are backed by the full support of Advance Central PA staff who will assist you in navigating your role as a mentor. Please visit Advance Central PA’s Make an Impact page to learn more.

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