Talent Recruitment

Think of the Business Solutions Team (BST) at the PA CareerLink® as an extension of your HR department. Beyond job posting and applicant screening, we have a toolbox of talent recruitment solutions that will help you find qualified applicants in a timely manner. We connect to jobseeker programs, local school districts, and other pools of talent to make recruitment events a success. When you need to hire, we have a variety of options to get you in front of prospective job seekers. Year-round, the BST is planning and executing recruitment events including:

  • All-Inclusive Job Fairs
  • Single-Employer Information / Recruitment Sessions
  • High School and Technical School Career Nights for Parents and Students
  • Industry-Specific Job Fairs
  • Virtual Recruitment Sessions
  • Recruitment Toolbox Seminars

Be sure to connect with your local PA CareerLink® to stay in the know about upcoming recruitment opportunities.