Layoff Aversion Assistance

Rapid Response

Rapid Response is a team of professionals who take a proactive, customized approach in assisting businesses at risk of closing, downsizing, and/or laying off employees. We’ll provide high quality professional services to help you sustain your business and retain your employees. In the event a layoff is unavoidable, we will compile a team of workforce and community professionals to help employees cope, including to equip them with information they’ll need to sustain their families and ultimately find new employment.

Further, if your business is impacted by foreign competition or trade, Rapid Response can help through a collaborative approach with local, state, and federal partners to build global competitiveness while offering training your employees may need.

Rapid Response is most effective when a business reaches out for assistance before, or as soon as possible, when considering a layoff.

Email the Business Solutions Team to be connected with our Rapid Response Coordinator to learn more:


Benefits to Employers

  • We’ll collaborate with you to develop options and solutions before layoffs occur.
  • We can work with your internal crisis team to help anticipate, prepare for, and manage an economic transition or hardship.
  • We can assist if you are at risk of closing and provide information and resources to help you stay in business or reduce the size of a layoff.
  • Partnering with us shows your good-faith effort and helps you maintain a positive reputation with other employees and your community.

Benefits to Employees

  • We’ll bring our services and our team of staff to your employees in-person, or virtually.
  • Our team can help employees navigate unemployment compensation and learn about community resources and public supports that are available to assist with life’s basic needs.
  • Workforce professionals from the PA CareerLink® will provide personalized career guidance and job placement assistance to help employees find their next opportunity. Staff are there to help every step of the way.

For more information on available Rapid Response services, please visit the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry website.