Become a Recovery Friendly Workplace

In Central Pennsylvania there are hundreds of individuals who have dropped out of the workforce due to a substance use disorder (SUD), and hundreds more that remain in the workforce despite their condition. The breadth of the opioid crisis means that for decades to come the available workforce will almost certainly include workers with SUD or in long-term recovery. It’s time to start thinking about how your business can get ahead by implementing workforce-specific solutions that help employees with an active SUD get treatment and create a culture that supports long-term recovery.

Advance Central PA implemented a Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative to increase the number of employers that recognize recovery as a strength and reduce stigma about SUD in our communities. Measurable benefits to employers who are recovery friendly include:

Higher Employee Retention


Increased Workplace Productivity

Decreased Healthcare Costs

Businesses that commit to being Recovery Friendly are leaders in their community.  When you support recovery in the workplace you are not only helping those in your workforce, you are also helping their families and neighbors. Strengthening the health of the community where you do business creates a competitive advantage for the entire region.

Advance Central PA has resources and recommendations to help you decide the best ways to create a recovery-friendly culture in your organization that will expand your labor pool and improve our communities. Contact our Business Solutions Team at

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Work Opportunity Tax Credit

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal tax credit available to businesses for hiring individuals from specific target groups who have faced consistent barriers to employment. The Business Solutions Team (BST) at the PA CareerLink® can help connect you to the target groups that qualify for WOTC, pre-screen all applicants for WOTC eligibility, and assist with the filing process to claim WOTC and reduce your federal tax liability.

Connect with the Business Solutions Team today to find out how you can save money and time by partnering with the BST to file for WOTC when you employ individuals in the target groups.

WOTC Target Groups:

  • Qualified Veterans
  • Qualified Ex-Felons
  • Designated Community Residents
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Referrals
  • Summer Youth Employees
  • TANF Recipients
  • SNAP Recipients
  • SSI Recipients
  • Qualified Long-Term Unemployed

Fidelity Bonding Program

A roadblock for some employers looking to diversify their workforce is the perceived risk associated with hiring individuals who have experienced significant barriers to employment including:

  • Justice Involved Individuals
  • Individuals in Recovery from a Substance Use Disorder
  • Economically Disadvantaged Youth and Adults who Lack Work History
  • Recipients of Public Benefits
  • Individuals with Poor Credit
  • Individuals Dishonorably Discharged from the Military

The Fidelity Bonding Program (FBP) encourages employers to hire individuals who may be considered risky, and gives applicants confidence to approach opportunities to prove themselves as trustworthy. There are no strict eligibility requirements for FBP, so jobseekers and employers are encouraged to reach out to staff at the PA CareerLink® to determine if a position is eligible to be bonded under FBP.

The bond issued through FBP is an insurance policy that insures a business for losses up to $5,000 (with no deductible) caused by dishonest acts of its employees. Bonds are issued for six months funded by the Commonwealth that can be extended through a private insurer after the initial six-month period. Job seekers who are considered NOT BONDABLE by private insurance companies can become BONDABLE by demonstrating job honesty during the six months of bond coverage under the FBP.

To apply, reach out to the PA CareerLink® Business Solutions Team at They’ll get you connected with the State Bonding Coordinator to complete a short online request form. If approved, the bond is effective immediately. It’s that simple!

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